13 YouTube Videos Everyone in Sales and Marketing Must Watch

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  1. Simplicity Sells

David Pogue aims at technology’s worst interface-design offenders and provides encouraging examples of products that get it right.

To funny things up, he bursts into song.

Watch it here: 

  1. Science of Persuasion

Robert Cialdini is the founder of Influence at Work.

His research on the psychology of influence lead to his must-read book “Influence: The Science of Persuasion”

He knows what he’s talking about.

Watch it here: 

  1. Stop Closing and Start Providing Value

Jeffrey Gitomer, the King of Sales, is the author of 13 sales books.

He has known the world for his simple, insightful, and direct sales advice.

Everyone should listen to what he has to say.

Watch it here: 

  1. Stunningly Unused Sales Technique

Jill Konrath is an award-winning author and sought-after keynote speaker and provides modern practical strategies to help sales teams generate and close leads.

What she has to say is worth hearing.

Watch it here: 

  1. Persistence and Harassment in Prospecting

Will Barron is as much a blogger and podcaster as he is a salesperson.

Without giving away too much, listen to him talk about Gary V putting Grant Cardone in his place.

Watch it here: 

  1. Applying the 80/20 Principle to Goal Setting

Brian Tracy has consulted more than 1,000 companies and has spoken to 5 million people at over 5,000 talks in more than 70 countries.

At 72, he’s still speaking often.

Listen to this man.

Watch it here: 

  1. How to Quit Cold Calling and Smart Call Instead

Art Sobczak is known for his practical advice for telephone and sales professionals.

He pioneered “Smart Calling,” which is warm calling instead of cold.

Don’t miss a word.

Watch it here: 

  1. Stop Making Excuses

Dave Kurlan, an expert on sales hiring, development, and management, is the bestselling author of “Baseline Selling.”

He keeps his YouTube videos simple and actionable.

This one will hit home for many.

Watch it here: 

  1. Having the Right Sales DNA

Mike Weinberg wrote “New Sales: Simplified.”

If you’re wondering why your new sales aren’t soaring, watch, listen and learn from the best.

Watch it here:

  1. How to Teach Business Acumen to Salespeople

As CEO of Selling Power Magazine, Gerhard Gschwandtner is no stranger to great sales.

He interviews the world’s sales experts regularly.

You’ll find gems in this one with Julie Thomas.

Watch it here: 

  1. 3 Fatal Mistakes When Giving Your Price

Mark Hunter, also known as The Sales Hunter, is the author of “High-Profit Selling.”

Hunter offers tips on improving your close rate in most of his videos.

For a taste of his expertise watch.

Watch it here: 

  1. Your Price is Too High! 7 Steps to Defending Price

Jim Pancero has been delivering sales training, keynotes, and consulting for 40 years.

He has helped over 600 sales teams across 80 industries.

Listen to this man.

Watch it here: 

  1. The Biggest Problems in Sales Development

Trish Bertuzzi wrote “The Sales Development Playbook.”

She also makes regular appearances on various YouTube channels.

You can learn a lot from one short video.

Watch it here: 


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