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Welcome to our portfolio showcasing our expertise in different fields. Explore our successful campaigns, innovative strategies, and impactful collaborations that have driven results and empowered our clients in the dynamic digital landscape.


Sanlam Investments East Africa (SIEAL), a leading fund manager in the region, recognized the need for a user-friendly mobile app to empower their corporate clients with on-demand access to manage finances.


Check out our special project – The AMAKA mini app! It’s a small app for affordable housing available through the M-PESA app. Iit helps people find homes easily and conveniently!


We successfully optimized the website for SIB Najah, the Islamic Investment Banking division of Standard Investment Bank (SIB). By implementing strategic SEO techniques and improving user experience, we have enhanced their online presence and increased visibility in the market.


Prescott Engineering Solutions, a leading provider of construction equipment in Kenya, needed a website that reflected their expertise, attracted qualified leads, and solidified their position in the market.


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