3 Hacks to Grow Your Following on Instagram

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Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms, and one of the best ways to grow your brand or business. However, growing your following on Instagram can be a challenge and it requires some effort and strategy. Here are some key hacks to help grow your following on Instagram:

  • Post your results often.

When you post about your results, those who want similar results will follow you. Create a highlight on your page for those individuals who don’t follow you so that when they come across your page and go to the results highlight.
When people know that and can see that they know that following you will help them reach the point in their journey they want to reach and therefore you become their guide in helping them achieve their results. If you hadn’t posted the results in the first place, people wouldn’t know that you can help them achieve those results and that those are the results you were going for as well. This could be done by sharing reviews and testimonials.
When you share your results often, those that want similar results will follow you which then grows your following.

  • Double down on what’s working.

Once you start getting some traction, double down on what’s working for you rather than shifting in an attempt to find something better. Use the strategy that works until it stops working because if it works why change? Don’t fix something that isn’t broken.
Test out multiple strategies and find out what works and what doesn’t. Double down on what works and drop what doesn’t (or do less).

  • To produce great content, you have to consume great content.

Don’t just follow anybody and everybody. Follow people who are better than you at what you’re doing. Be inspired and learn from what they do, then implement the strategies into your own social media marketing strategy.
You have to understand what people in your industry are doing, why they’re doing it and why they’re continuing to do so.


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