SIB Najah Website.

A Corporate Banking Website Design and Development.

Project Overview​

We successfully optimized the website for SIB Najah, the Islamic Investment Banking division of Standard Investment Bank (SIB). By implementing strategic SEO techniques and improving user experience, we have enhanced their online presence and increased visibility in the market.

Target Audience: Retail investors, institutional investors, corporations, and high-net-worth individuals.

Project Objectives​

The main objective of the project involved optimizing the website page of SIB Najah, the Islamic Investment Banking division of Standard Investment Bank (SIB) focusing on enhancing the user experience for those seeking Shariah-compliant investment solutions, resulting in increased website traffic and engagement.

Problem Statement

SIB Najah, a leading Islamic Investment Banking division, needed to increase brand awareness and establish itself as a trusted provider of Shariah-compliant investment solutions within a competitive market and connect with those specifically seeking Shariah-compliant investment options.


To optimize website design and navigation, improve page load speed, and implement user-friendly features to enhance the overall browsing experience and increase user engagement on the SIB Najah website.

Design Process


User Research
User Interview
Competitve Analysis


User Personas
Empathy Map
User Journey


User Flow
Information Architecture


Hi-Fi Designs


Future Concept

HI-FI Mockup

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