Prescott Engineering Solutions Ltd.

Website Design & Dev project

Project Overview​

Prescott Engineering Solutions, a leading provider of construction equipment in Kenya, needed a website that reflected their expertise, attracted qualified leads, and solidified their position in the market. Their existing website lacked user-friendliness and failed to effectively showcase their extensive equipment inventory, industry knowledge and convert website visitors into leads.

TARGET AUDIENCE Construction Companies (Large, Medium, and Small), Government Agencies & Public Works Departments, Subcontractors & Specialized Construction Services, and Independent Contractors.

Project Objectives​

The main objective of the project involved redesigning and optimizing Prescott Engineering Solutions Ltd.’s website focusing on enhancing the User Experience (UX) & mobile responsiveness of the website while strengthening its brand identity & local market presence.

Problem Statement

Prescott Engineering Solutions Ltd. needed to improve the overall website user experience and generate qualified leads, while still solidifying their brand identity as a leading provider of construction equipment in Kenya.


To redesign Prescott Engineering Solutions Ltd.’s website to be user-friendly and intuitive. This includes optimizing navigation menus, simplifying information architecture, and ensuring a seamless experience across all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).

Design Process


User Research
User Interview
Competitve Analysis


User Personasbr> Empathy Map
User Journey


User Flow
Information Architecture


Hi-Fi Designs


Future Concept

HI-FI Mockup

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