The State of Digital in Kenya in 2023

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Digital trends and behaviors in Kenya show significant growth when compared to previous years. This growth in numbers of both mobile users and use of social media platforms can be attributed to technological advancements and the dexterity of citizens to drive the economy online.

This article dives into the latest data, insights and trends to help you better understand the use of digital devices and platforms in Kenya, 2023.

Internet use in Kenya

The adoption and use of digital platforms in Kenya, 2023 stand as follows:

  • 17.86 million internet users and an internet penetration of 32.7%
  • 10.55 million social media users an equivalent of 19.3 % of the total population
  • 63.94 million cellular mobile connection an equivalent of 117.2% of the population

The variation in the number of cellular connections and the total population is due to the fact that some individuals own multiple registered devices.

The internet need in Kenya is met by different internet connection speeds as highlighted below:

  • Median mobile internet connection via cellular network of 20.41Mbps an increase by 7.17Mbps from the presiding year.
  • The median fixed internet connection speed of 9.60Mbs.

Kenya`s population and demographic

While the numbers offer a great overview to the digital use it is important to also understand Kenya’s population and relevant demographics.

Below is a breakdown of Kenya’s population:

  • Total population of approximately 54.56 million
  • 50.4% of the total being female and 49.6% male
  • 70.7 % of Kenya’s population dwell in the rural settings while 29.3% occupy the urban areas
  • The median age of the Kenyan population is 19.6 years

Social Media Statistics in Kenya, 2023

Currently Kenya has 10.55 million social media users representing 19.3% of the population. 59% of the users are logged in at least one of the social media platforms.

 The breakdown to each social media platform in 2023 is as represented below:

  1. Facebook 
  • Facebook has 9.25M users, a decrease by 700 thousand from the previous year. 
  • The platform has 43.7% female users while 56.3 % were male. 
  • It`s ad reach is approximately 51.8% of the internet user base.
  1. YouTube
  • YouTube has 9.44M users.
  • Ads reached 52.9 % of Kenya`s total internet user base.
  • The platform has 42.9% female audience and 57.1% male.
  1. Instagram
  • Instagram has 2.20M users, according to Meta.
  • Ads run in this platform represent 12.3% of the total internet users.
  • The audience represents 47.4% female and 52.6% male users
  1. Facebook messenger
  • Has 1.85M users in Kenya early 2023.
  • Ads reach 10.4% of the internet user base.
  • Early 2023, 44.8 % of messenger users were female while 55.2 %were male.
  1. LinkedIn
  • Linkedin registered a spike in growth attaining 3.5M users in Kenya.
  • Ads reach for this platform stand at 19.6% of the local internet user base.
  • Its audience is distributed into 39.3% female and 60.7% male.
  1. Snapchat
  • Advertising sources indicate Snapchat has 2.45M in Kenya, an increase of 700,000 users from 2022.
  • The ad reach according to the source is 13.7% the local internet user base.
  • The user base is a representation of 67.9% female and 30.6% male audience.
  1. Twitter
  • Twitter has 1.9M users in Kenya, statistics obtained from early 2023 a growth of 550,000 users from the previous year.
  • Its ad reach equates to 10.6% the local internet user base, a 5% decrease from the previous year.
  • The given data shows 24% of the audience as female and 74.6% as male.

In conclusion, the digital space is rapidly growing in Kenya and different brands are taking their marketing online. Therefore, based on the data, statistics and insight above it is wise to infiltrate all social platforms with the aim of maximizing ad reach and subsequently improving sales.

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