10 Copywriting Tips to Help You Master Marketing

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Here are the 10 copywriting tips to help you master marketing:

1. Nail the headline.

5 times as many people read the headline vs the rest of the page.

Make your headline:

• Short

• Punchy

• Eye-catching

2. Don’t sell features. Sell superpowers:

Great copywriting isn’t about what your product can do. It’s about what your product can help the reader become. For example: Nike doesn’t sell you sneakers – it sells you greatness.

3. Address their concerns:

Every customer has concerns before they buy a product. It could be price, safety, durability, or privacy. Address these concerns directly to build trust. For example: Apple tackled privacy concerns head-on when launching its new iPhone.

4. Make them laugh.

Some people like to think. But everyone loves to laugh. Humour makes your product memorable. Don’t be afraid to stand out by mixing in a little humour.

5. Incentivize action:

Don’t just get them to read. Get them to take the next step. Use words that drive action.

6. Use numbers.

Be precise. Be specific. Don’t just tell them you’re better. Tell them exactly how much better you are.

7. Rhyme:

Rhyme and repetition make a sentence more memorable. It’s why poetry and song lyrics sound so catchy. Use rhyme and repetition to make your copy unforgettable.

8. Sell outcomes instead of features:

Readers don’t care about your product features. They care about what problems your product will solve for them. Instead of showing them features, show them what success looks like.

9. De-risk the decision.

People are often hesitant before making a purchase. Overcome this hesitation by using social proof where you could share success stories from other happy customers just like them.

10. Write a killer call-to-action (CTA):

Great copywriting starts with persuading the reader and ends with the reader taking action. Don’t just use any generic CTA. Use a CTA that aligns with the next steps that you want the reader to take.


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