10 Documentaries Every Marketer Must Watch

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  1. Jiro dreams of Sushi

Story of an 85-year-old man who is dedicated to delighting his customers with the best Sushi in the world. There is no appetizer or menu in his little restaurant, only Sushi.

Why watch? You will master enhancing customer experience.

  1. Art & Copy

This documentary decodes how the influential and greatest advertising campaigns like “Think Different”, and “Just do it”, ” leveraged the art of persuasion to inspire millions.

Why watch: Help you stand out in the bustling ads crowd and crafting entertaining advertising.

  1. The Century of the Self

How Edward Bernays used psychology to normalize “women smoking” to increase cigarette sales, to his political advantage using PR and mass communication & more.

Why watch? Learn deep psychology on how marketing changes narratives.

  1. The Creative Brain

Neuroscientist David Eagleman interviews creative geniuses from different fields to unleash and simplify the creative process.

Why watch? Recharge your creative workflow and infuse it into your marketing campaigns.

  1. The Persuaders

This documentary is all about cluttering through the noise of the advertising world with emotional and spiritual marketing and branding. Think of Apple & Nike.

Why watch? Gain a deeper understanding of why you need to connect with customers on a deeper level.

  1. Call to Courage

Brene Brown elucidates the importance of courage and being vulnerable. My favourite line: “Have the courage to show up when you can’t control the outcome.”

Why watch? Learn how to be vulnerable and use it to spark creativity.

  1. The Mind, Explained

If you want to discover how the brain works, thinks, and responds, this mind-blowing documentary has all answers related to understanding the human brain.

Why watch? Learn how to use “neuromarketing” to live rent-free into the minds of your customers.

  1. Something Ventured

“Venture capitalism” might be one of the most discussed things in today’s world. This documentary unveils how the basement-startups like Apple and Intel built great brands on the shoulders of VCs.

Why watch? Understanding Venture Capitalism (VC) culture and all business.

  1. The Founder

This is the story of a travelling salesman, Ray Kroc, who “ethically” stole McDonald’s & grew it into one of the best fast food chains in the world.

Why watch? Lessons on how to grow a brand exponentially by keeping a consistent brand image and customer experience.

  1. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

This documentary digs into the culture of often-untraveled destinations around the world.

Why watch? (Global marketers) If your brand markets beyond the boundaries of your country, this series expands your view of monolithic humans and societies.


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