5 Principles to Instantly Upgrade Your Writing

Originally posted on Twitter by Tanmay Singh Chauhan

Here are the FIVE principles that will instantly upgrade your writing:

  1. Avoid jargon and acronyms.

Know your audience before using an Acronym:

  • Explain technical terms the first time they appear.
  • Don’t try to sound clever, be clear instead.
  • Say what you mean, in plain language, and let the reader decide whether it was “groundbreaking”
  1. Use fewer than 30 words per sentence
  • Focus on one idea per sentence.
  • Strip out qualifiers like “I think,” “I feel,” and “should we consider”.
  • Eliminate anything that reads like “style.” Refrain from using your writing to extend your personal brand.
  1. Replace adjectives with data

Don’t force readers to decode your words.

  • Buzzwords are empty boasts to kill authority.
  • Replace adjectives with words that can be visualised.
  • Profit increased drastically last quarter -> Profit increased by 40% compared to Q3.
  1. Use subject-verb-object sentences

When in doubt, keep things simple:

  • Subject: Who or what you’re writing about?
  • Verb: What they did or will do.
  • Object: Who or what is acted upon.

Keep them from sitting on a couch after reading your copy.

  1. Use the “So what?” test

Tell readers instantly what you want them to do.

  • Do you want them to order now?
  • What do you want them to order?
  • When will it be delivered?

Make sure to be as specific as you can.


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