6 Sales Videos to Help You Become a World-class Closer

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  1. Good salespeople sell, great salespeople help others make decisions.

This is a training people paid $30,000/year to attend.

Alex Hormozi teaches 3 frameworks he used to go from a “dumb” marketer losing money to closing $100k in a single day.

  1. Price is almost never the reason someone doesn’t buy.

Grant Cardone uses a simple series of questions to get to the real reason.

And masterfully shows you how to handle that objection. 

  1. First impressions are everything.

And in sales, it’s an invisible force that’s either fighting against you or for you.

Here, Iman Gadzhi shares a sales recording where he closes a $12k/mth client by setting an intentional frame from the start.

  1. I’m almost hesitant to share this resource.

I’ve worked with Mike personally and he’s one of the best cold callers I’ve ever seen.

His training will take you from an anxious cold caller to a confident closer. 

  1. Another invisible force in sales is the words you use.

In this 4-minute video, Andy Elliot shares how to master wordplay to say everyday things in uncommon ways.

  1. One of the biggest mistakes people make when making sales is avoiding friction.

People are busy and distracted.

Lean into resistance by asking questions.

This is a fun movie clip that shows how to level with someone using simple questions. 


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