9 Tips for Writing the Best SEO Content

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Here are 9 tips for writing the best SEO content:

  1. Focus on Keyword Research

Choosing the right keyword will make or break your SEO efforts. Use these tools to find hidden gems:

  • KWFinder
  • Answer The Public
  • Keywordsheeter

Good content is nothing without the right keywords. Spend 80% of your time here.

  1. Just Get On Base

Most people fail at SEO because they go too big, too soon. Instead, choose keywords with:

  • Low difficulty scores
  • Low search volume
  • Thin competition

Don’t swing for the fences too soon. Just focus on hitting the ball.

  1. Long Keywords > Short Keywords

Short keywords look sexy but have too broad intent. Long keywords:

  • Target your ideal customers.
  • Convert higher.
  • Rank easier.

Don’t try to rank for “Best Pizza”. Instead, rank for “Best deep dish Chicago style pizza in NYC”.

  1. Keep Your Enemies Close

Study the articles that are ranking for your target keywords. Your competition will tell you:

  • How many products to list.
  • How many words to write.
  • What topics to cover.

Now do what they do, but better. 

  1. Don’t Write Without an Outline

The Superbowl is won in the preseason. Make an outline with:

  • Keywords to include
  • Article subheadings
  • Article inspiration

Good SEO writing comes from good planning. Get organized first. Write second. Edit third. 

  1. Make it Effortless to Publish Often

Like most things in life, SEO is a game of consistency. In the first 30 days:

  • Build an article backlog
  • Document your processes
  • Create a publishing schedule

Consistency doesn’t come from willpower. It comes from strategy. 

  1. Study Search Intent

You have a goal in mind when you open Google. The most common goals are to:

  • Buy
  • Learn
  • Discover

In SEO, these goals are called “search intent.” Learn your audience’s search intent then help them achieve their goal. 

  1. Build Content, Not Links

Most people think more backlinks = more rankings. Maybe in 2010, this was true. Now, Google prioritises:

  • Page count
  • Authority
  • Content

Building backlinks manually = spinning your tires. Focus on content, and you’ll get backlinks naturally.

  1. Use Original Photos

Google hates recycled content. Instead, do this:

  • Find free use images
  • Edit it slightly in photoshop
  • Add some text overtop

If possible, use original photos. If not, remix someone else’s. 


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