How to Create TikTok Content that Converts

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  1. Create content that attracts the right audience

Stop making content for 12 year olds. 12 year olds don’t have credit cards (aka they won’t be buying anything). If you get a ton of traffic but only a few sales this is usually the reason. Using inappropriate jokes and controversy can definitely help with views. However, it will almost always attract a younger audience which won’t convert.

The goal is to target people 18+ so keep that in mind when creating content. 

  1. Make it obvious that you are the one selling the product

This is important. If you make content from a “customer” angle, people will usually have no idea you actually sell the product. So, they will just continue scrolling. 

Use phrases such as:

  • I created …”
  • Our newest product …”
  • We created this for …”

This will help people realize you are selling the product. I like to call this product focused content. It converts like crazy. 

  1. Professional setting

If you see someone promoting a product in a dirty bedroom vs someone promoting a product in a dope professional looking office space, who are you more likely to trust and buy from?


  1. CTA (Call to action)

This is an obvious one. People are dumb. If you don’t tell people where to go next, they will just keep scrolling.

End of video, caption, pinned comment are all great places to add a simple CTA or “Link in bio”.


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